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static long com::sun::jna::Native::getComponentID ( Component  c  )  throws HeadlessException [inline, static]

Utility method to get the native window ID for a heavyweight Java Component as a long value. This method is primarily for X11-based systems, which use an opaque XID (usually long int) to identify windows.

HeadlessException if the current VM is running headless

Definition at line 151 of file Native.java.

Referenced by getComponentPointer(), and getWindowID().

        if (GraphicsEnvironment.isHeadless()) {
            throw new HeadlessException("No native windows when headless");
        if (c.isLightweight()) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("Component must be heavyweight");
        if (!c.isDisplayable()) 
            throw new IllegalStateException("Component must be displayable");
        // On X11 VMs prior to 1.5, the window must be visible
        if (Platform.isX11()
            && System.getProperty("java.version").startsWith("1.4")) {
            if (!c.isVisible()) {
                throw new IllegalStateException("Component must be visible");
        // By this point, we're certain that Toolkit.loadLibraries() has
        // been called, thus avoiding AWT/JAWT link errors
        // (see http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=6539705).
        return getWindowHandle0(c);

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