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void com::sun::jna::Pointer::setString ( long  offset,
String  value,
boolean  wide 
) [inline]

Copy string value to the location being pointed to. Copy each element in value, converted to native encoding, at an offsetfrom the location pointed to by this pointer.

offset byte offset from pointer at which characters in value must be set
value java.lang.String value to set
wide whether to write the native string as an array of wchar_t. If false, writes as a NUL-terminated array of char using the default platform encoding.

Reimplemented in com::sun::jna::Memory, and com::sun::jna::Pointer::Opaque.

Definition at line 778 of file Pointer.java.

References peer.

Referenced by com::sun::jna::NativeString::NativeString().

        _setString(peer + offset, value, wide);

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