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com::sun::jna::StructureTest Class Reference

Inherits junit::framework::TestCase.

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Detailed Description

TODO: need more alignment tests, especially platform-specific behavior

Definition at line 29 of file StructureTest.java.

Public Member Functions

void testAlignStruct0 ()
void testAlignStruct1 ()
void testAlignStruct2 ()
void testAlignStruct3 ()
void testAlignStruct4 ()
void testAlignStruct5 ()
void testAutoWriteStructureByReferenceField ()
void testBufferField ()
void testCallbackWrite ()
void testCallCallbackInStructure ()
void testCallProxiedFunctionPointer ()
void testClearOnAllocate ()
void testDisallowFunctionPointerAsField ()
void testGNUCAlignment ()
void testInnerArrayTypeInfo ()
void testMSVCAlignment ()
void testNativeLongRead () throws Exception
void testNativeLongSize () throws Exception
void testNativeLongWrite () throws Exception
void testNativeMappedArrayField ()
void testNativeMappedInByValue ()
void testNativeMappedWrite ()
void testNestedStructureTypeInfo ()
void testOverwriteStructureByReferenceFieldOnRead ()
void testPlainStructureArrayField ()
void testPointerArrayField ()
void testPreserveStructureByReferenceWithUnchangedPointerOnRead ()
void testPrimitiveArrayField ()
void testReadFunctionPointerAsCallback ()
void testReadOnlyField ()
void testReadWriteStructure ()
void testRegenerateStructureByReferenceField ()
void testSimpleSize () throws Exception
void testStructureArrayField ()
void testStructureByReferenceArrayField ()
void testStructureByReferenceField ()
void testStructureField ()
void testStructureSize0 ()
void testStructureSize1 ()
void testStructureSize2 ()
void testStructureSize3 ()
void testStructureSize4 ()
void testStructureSize5 ()
void testToArray ()
void testToArrayWithStructureArrayField ()
void testToString ()
void testTypeInfoForNull ()
void testUninitializedArrayField ()
void testUninitializedNestedArrayFails ()
void testVariableSizedStructureArgument ()
void testVolatileStructureField ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (java.lang.String[] argList)

Private Member Functions

void testAlignStruct (int index)
void testStructureSize (int index)


interface  AlignmentTest
class  ArrayOfStructure
class  CbStruct
class  CbStruct2
interface  CbTest
class  FilledStructure
class  NestedTypeInfoStructure
class  PublicTestStructure
class  ROStructure
class  size_t
interface  SizeTest
class  StructureWithPointers
class  TestAllocStructure
class  TestNativeMappedInStructure
class  TestStructure0
class  TestStructure1
class  TestStructure2
class  TestStructure3
class  TestStructure4
class  TestStructure5
class  ToArrayTestStructure
interface  VariableSizeTest

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