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com::sun::jna::examples::win32::W32API::HANDLEByReference Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::sun::jna::examples::win32::W32API::HANDLEByReference:

com::sun::jna::ptr::ByReference com::sun::jna::PointerType com::sun::jna::NativeMapped

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 91 of file W32API.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean equals (Object o)
Object fromNative (Object nativeValue, FromNativeContext context)
Pointer getPointer ()
HANDLE getValue ()
 HANDLEByReference (HANDLE h)
int hashCode ()
Class nativeType ()
void setPointer (Pointer p)
void setValue (HANDLE h)
Object toNative ()

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