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com::sun::jna::examples::unix::X11 Interface Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition (incomplete) of the X library.

Definition at line 29 of file X11.java.

Public Member Functions

Screen DefaultScreenOfDisplay (Display display)
int XAllocNamedColor (Display display, int colormap, String color_name, Pointer screen_def_return, Pointer exact_def_return)
XSizeHints XAllocSizeHints ()
int XChangeProperty (Display display, Window w, Atom property, Atom type, int format, int mode, Pointer data, int nelements)
int XChangeWindowAttributes (Display display, Window window, NativeLong valuemask, XSetWindowAttributes attributes)
int XClearArea (Display display, Window window, int x, int y, int w, int h, int exposures)
int XClearWindow (Display display, Window window)
int XCloseDisplay (Display display)
int XCopyArea (Display dpy, Drawable src, Drawable dst, GC gc, int src_x, int src_y, int w, int h, int dst_x, int dst_y)
Pixmap XCreateBitmapFromData (Display display, Window window, Pointer data, int width, int height)
Colormap XCreateColormap (Display display, Window w, Visual visual, int alloc)
GC XCreateGC (Display display, Drawable drawable, NativeLong mask, XGCValues values)
XImage XCreateImage (Display dpy, Visual visual, int depth, int format, int offset, Pointer data, int width, int height, int bitmap_pad, int bytes_per_line)
Pixmap XCreatePixmap (Display display, Drawable drawable, int width, int height, int depth)
Window XCreateSimpleWindow (Display display, Window parent, int x, int y, int width, int height, int border_width, int border, int background)
Colormap XDefaultColormap (Display display, int screen)
Window XDefaultRootWindow (Display display)
int XDefaultScreen (Display display)
Visual XDefaultVisual (Display display, int screen)
int XDeleteProperty (Display display, Window w, Atom property)
int XDestroyImage (XImage image)
int XDestroyWindow (Display display, Window window)
int XDisplayHeight (Display display, int screen)
int XDisplayWidth (Display display, int screen)
int XDrawPoint (Display display, Drawable drawable, GC gc, int x, int y)
int XDrawPoints (Display display, Drawable drawable, GC gc, XPoint[] points, int npoints, int mode)
int XFillArc (Display display, Drawable drawable, GC gc, int x, int y, int width, int height, int angle1, int angle2)
int XFillPolygon (Display dpy, Drawable drawable, GC gc, XPoint[] points, int npoints, int shape, int mode)
int XFillRectangle (Display display, Drawable drawable, GC gc, int x, int y, int width, int height)
int XFillRectangles (Display display, Drawable drawable, GC gc, XRectangle[] rectangles, int nrectangles)
int XFlush (Display display)
int XFree (Pointer data)
int XFreeGC (Display display, GC gc)
int XFreePixmap (Display display, Pixmap pixmap)
String XGetAtomName (Display display, Atom atom)
int XGetErrorText (Display display, int code, byte[] buffer, int len)
int XGetGeometry (Display display, Drawable d, WindowByReference w, IntByReference x, IntByReference y, IntByReference width, IntByReference heigth, IntByReference border_width, IntByReference depth)
XVisualInfo XGetVisualInfo (Display display, NativeLong vinfo_mask, XVisualInfo vinfo_template, IntByReference nitems_return)
int XGetWindowAttributes (Display display, Window window, XWindowAttributes attributes)
int XGetWindowProperty (Display display, Window w, Atom property, NativeLong long_offset, NativeLong long_length, boolean delete, Atom reg_type, AtomByReference actual_type_return, IntByReference actual_format_return, NativeLongByReference nitems_return, NativeLongByReference bytes_after_return, PointerByReference prop_return)
XWMHints XGetWMHints (Display display, Window window)
int XGetWMName (Display display, Window window, XTextProperty text_property_return)
Atom XInternAtom (Display display, String name, boolean only_if_exists)
int XKeycodeToKeysym (Display display, byte keycode, int index)
int XMapWindow (Display display, Window window)
Display XOpenDisplay (String name)
int XPutImage (Display dpy, Drawable d, GC gc, XImage image, int src_x, int src_y, int dest_x, int dest_y, int width, int height)
int XQueryKeymap (Display display, byte[] keys_return)
boolean XQueryPointer (Display display, Window window, WindowByReference root_return, WindowByReference child_return, IntByReference root_x_return, IntByReference root_y_return, IntByReference win_x_return, IntByReference win_y_return, IntByReference mask_return)
int XQueryTree (Display display, Window window, WindowByReference root, WindowByReference parent, PointerByReference children, IntByReference childCount)
Window XRootWindow (Display display, int screen)
int XSelectInput (Display display, Window window, NativeLong eventMask)
int XSetBackground (Display display, GC gc, NativeLong color)
int XSetFillRule (Display display, GC gc, int fill_rule)
int XSetForeground (Display display, GC gc, NativeLong color)
void XSetWMProperties (Display display, Window window, String window_name, String icon_name, String[] argv, int argc, XSizeHints normal_hints, Pointer wm_hints, Pointer class_hints)
boolean XTranslateCoordinates (Display display, Window src_w, Window dest_w, int src_x, int src_y, IntByReference dest_x_return, IntByReference dest_y_return, WindowByReference child_return)
int XUnmapWindow (Display display, Window window)

Public Attributes

int AllocAll = 1
int AllocNone = 0
int AllTemporary = 0
int AnyButton = 0
int AnyKey = 0
int AnyPropertyType = 0
int BadAccess = 10
int BadAlloc = 11
int BadAtom = 5
int BadColor = 12
int BadCursor = 6
int BadDrawable = 9
int BadFont = 7
int BadGC = 13
int BadIDChoice = 14
int BadImplementation = 17
int BadLength = 16
int BadMatch = 8
int BadName = 15
int BadPixmap = 4
int BadRequest = 1
int BadValue = 2
int BadWindow = 3
int Button1MotionMask = (1<<8)
int Button2MotionMask = (1<<9)
int Button3MotionMask = (1<<10)
int Button4MotionMask = (1<<11)
int Button5MotionMask = (1<<12)
int ButtonMotionMask = (1<<13)
int ButtonPressMask = (1<<2)
int ButtonReleaseMask = (1<<3)
int ColormapChangeMask = (1<<23)
int Complex = 0
int Convex = 2
int CoordModeOrigin = 0
int CoordModePrevious = 1
int CopyFromParent = 0
int CurrentTime = 0
int CWBackingPixel = (1<<8)
int CWBackingPlanes = (1<<7)
int CWBackingStore = (1<<6)
int CWBackPixel = (1<<1)
int CWBackPixmap = (1<<0)
int CWBitGravity = (1<<4)
int CWBorderPixel = (1<<3)
int CWBorderPixmap = (1<<2)
int CWColormap = (1<<13)
int CWCursor = (1<<14)
int CWDontPropagate = (1<<12)
int CWEventMask = (1<<11)
int CWOverrideRedirect = (1<<9)
int CWSaveUnder = (1<<10)
int CWWinGravity = (1<<5)
int DirectColor = 0x5
int EnterWindowMask = (1<<4)
int EvenOddRule = 0
int ExposureMask = (1<<15)
int FocusChangeMask = (1<<21)
int GCArcMode = (1<<22)
int GCBackground = (1<<3)
int GCCapStyle = (1<<6)
int GCClipMask = (1<<19)
int GCClipXOrigin = (1<<17)
int GCClipYOrigin = (1<<18)
int GCDashList = (1<<21)
int GCDashOffset = (1<<20)
int GCFillRule = (1<<9)
int GCFillStyle = (1<<8)
int GCFont = (1<<14)
int GCForeground = (1<<2)
int GCFunction = (1<<0)
int GCGraphicsExposures = (1<<16)
int GCJoinStyle = (1<<7)
int GCLineStyle = (1<<5)
int GCLineWidth = (1<<4)
int GCPlaneMask = (1<<1)
int GCStipple = (1<<11)
int GCSubwindowMode = (1<<15)
int GCTile = (1<<10)
int GCTileStipXOrigin = (1<<12)
int GCTileStipYOrigin = (1<<13)
int GrayScale = 0x1
int InputFocus = 1
X11 INSTANCE = (X11)Native.loadLibrary("X11", X11.class)
int KeymapStateMask = (1<<14)
int KeyPressMask = (1<<0)
int KeyReleaseMask = (1<<1)
int LeaveWindowMask = (1<<5)
int NoEventMask = 0
int Nonconvex = 1
int None = 0
int NoSymbol = 0
String OPTION_FUNCTION_MAPPER = "function-mapper"
String OPTION_INVOCATION_MAPPER = "invocation-mapper"
String OPTION_STRUCTURE_ALIGNMENT = "structure-alignment"
int OwnerGrabButtonMask = (1<<24)
int ParentRelative = 1
int PointerMotionHintMask = (1<<7)
int PointerMotionMask = (1<<6)
int PointerRoot = 1
int PointerWindow = 0
int PropertyChangeMask = (1<<22)
int PropModeAppend = 2
int PropModePrepend = 1
int PropModeReplace = 0
int PseudoColor = 0x3
int ResizeRedirectMask = (1<<18)
int StaticColor = 0x2
int StaticGray = 0x0
int StructureNotifyMask = (1<<17)
int SubstructureNotifyMask = (1<<19)
int SubstructureRedirectMask = (1<<20)
int Success = 0
int TrueColor = 0x4
int VisibilityChangeMask = (1<<16)
int VisualAllMask = 0x1FF
int VisualBitsPerRGBMask = 0x100
int VisualBlueMaskMask = 0x40
int VisualClassMask = 0x8
int VisualColormapSizeMask = 0x80
int VisualDepthMask = 0x4
int VisualGreenMaskMask = 0x20
int VisualIDMask = 0x1
int VisualNoMask = 0x0
int VisualRedMaskMask = 0x10
int VisualScreenMask = 0x2
int WindingRule = 1
Atom XA_ARC = new Atom(3)
Atom XA_ATOM = new Atom(4)
Atom XA_BITMAP = new Atom(5)
Atom XA_CAP_HEIGHT = new Atom(66)
Atom XA_CARDINAL = new Atom(6)
Atom XA_COLORMAP = new Atom(7)
Atom XA_COPYRIGHT = new Atom(61)
Atom XA_CURSOR = new Atom(8)
Atom XA_CUT_BUFFER0 = new Atom(9)
Atom XA_CUT_BUFFER1 = new Atom(10)
Atom XA_CUT_BUFFER2 = new Atom(11)
Atom XA_CUT_BUFFER3 = new Atom(12)
Atom XA_CUT_BUFFER4 = new Atom(13)
Atom XA_CUT_BUFFER5 = new Atom(14)
Atom XA_CUT_BUFFER6 = new Atom(15)
Atom XA_CUT_BUFFER7 = new Atom(16)
Atom XA_DRAWABLE = new Atom(17)
Atom XA_END_SPACE = new Atom(46)
Atom XA_FAMILY_NAME = new Atom(64)
Atom XA_FONT = new Atom(18)
Atom XA_FONT_NAME = new Atom(63)
Atom XA_FULL_NAME = new Atom(65)
Atom XA_INTEGER = new Atom(19)
Atom XA_ITALIC_ANGLE = new Atom(55)
Atom XA_MAX_SPACE = new Atom(45)
Atom XA_MIN_SPACE = new Atom(43)
Atom XA_NORM_SPACE = new Atom(44)
Atom XA_NOTICE = new Atom(62)
Atom XA_PIXMAP = new Atom(20)
Atom XA_POINT = new Atom(21)
Atom XA_POINT_SIZE = new Atom(59)
Atom XA_PRIMARY = new Atom(1)
Atom XA_QUAD_WIDTH = new Atom(57)
Atom XA_RECTANGLE = new Atom(22)
Atom XA_RESOLUTION = new Atom(60)
Atom XA_RESOURCE_MANAGER = new Atom(23)
Atom XA_RGB_BEST_MAP = new Atom(25)
Atom XA_RGB_BLUE_MAP = new Atom(26)
Atom XA_RGB_COLOR_MAP = new Atom(24)
Atom XA_RGB_DEFAULT_MAP = new Atom(27)
Atom XA_RGB_GRAY_MAP = new Atom(28)
Atom XA_RGB_GREEN_MAP = new Atom(29)
Atom XA_RGB_RED_MAP = new Atom(30)
Atom XA_SECONDARY = new Atom(2)
Atom XA_STRIKEOUT_ASCENT = new Atom(53)
Atom XA_STRIKEOUT_DESCENT = new Atom(54)
Atom XA_STRING = new Atom(31)
Atom XA_SUBSCRIPT_X = new Atom(49)
Atom XA_SUBSCRIPT_Y = new Atom(50)
Atom XA_SUPERSCRIPT_X = new Atom(47)
Atom XA_SUPERSCRIPT_Y = new Atom(48)
Atom XA_VISUALID = new Atom(32)
Atom XA_WEIGHT = new Atom(58)
Atom XA_WINDOW = new Atom(33)
Atom XA_WM_CLASS = new Atom(67)
Atom XA_WM_CLIENT_MACHINE = new Atom(36)
Atom XA_WM_COMMAND = new Atom(34)
Atom XA_WM_HINTS = new Atom(35)
Atom XA_WM_ICON_NAME = new Atom(37)
Atom XA_WM_ICON_SIZE = new Atom(38)
Atom XA_WM_NAME = new Atom(39)
Atom XA_WM_NORMAL_HINTS = new Atom(40)
Atom XA_WM_SIZE_HINTS = new Atom(41)
Atom XA_WM_TRANSIENT_FOR = new Atom(68)
Atom XA_WM_ZOOM_HINTS = new Atom(42)
Atom XA_X_HEIGHT = new Atom(56)
int XK_0 = 0x30
int XK_9 = 0x39
int XK_a = 0x61
int XK_A = 0x41
int XK_Alt_L = 0xffe9
int XK_Alt_R = 0xffea
int XK_CapsLock = 0xffe5
int XK_Control_L = 0xffe3
int XK_Control_R = 0xffe4
int XK_Meta_L = 0xffe7
int XK_Meta_R = 0xffe8
int XK_Shift_L = 0xffe1
int XK_Shift_R = 0xffe1
int XK_ShiftLock = 0xffe6
int XK_z = 0x7a
int XK_Z = 0x5a
int XYBitmap = 0
int XYPixmap = 1
int ZPixmap = 2

Package Attributes

String OPTION_TYPE_MAPPER = "type-mapper"


class  Atom
class  AtomByReference
class  Colormap
class  Cursor
class  Display
class  Drawable
class  Font
class  GC
class  Pixmap
class  Screen
class  Visual
class  VisualID
class  Window
class  WindowByReference
interface  Xext
class  XGCValues
class  XID
class  XImage
class  XPoint
class  XRectangle
interface  Xrender
class  XSetWindowAttributes
class  XSizeHints
class  XTextProperty
class  XVisualInfo
class  XWindowAttributes
class  XWMHints

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